VR Essentials is a collection of free to download assets you can use in you virtual reality games, prototypes or whatever project you are working on.

Pushing buttons and pulling levers in VR is one of the most satisfying interaction experiences. Therefore I made this collection of free to download and use buttons, sliders and knobs for all the VR developers out there. They are minimal 3D assets and perform awesome in webVR, mobile VR and Unity3D projects. It would be cool if you give credit credit to me when you use them (I would love to check out your VR project/game! Feel free to send me screenshots and links on Twitter)
Also send me feedback on what kind of asset pack would be benefitial to you and your friends.

My fellow vrhuman Fabien Benetou made some webVR examples with the assets which you can check out here soon.


Download VR Interaction Essentials Vol.1 (1.5 MB) here:
(Will also prepare a fbx version soon)

Google Blocks Direct





Unity3D Asset Store – coming soon

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