Virtual Reality Art

Creating Art in Virtual Reality is something that is hard to discribe. Having rays of light come out of your hands, brush strokes suspended in mid-air, defying gravity—these are pretty exciting concepts you have to see and experience yourself.

Being able to sculpt an environment and immediately walk around it is something we just couldn’t do in this capacity before VR. You have unlimited resources and you can cast into existence every idea that you can ever imagine… within minutes! You completely change your perspective of the world around you as you mold it with your hands.

There is nothing except you and the piece of art you’re creating. No distractions. No notifications. Just you and your art.

The tools a VR Artist uses change constantly as the medium matures and grows towards mainstream adoption. Therefore it is important to stay up to date with the most recent updates as most software in the VR space still very young.

Make sure to come back every now and then as these tools enable creatives to express themselves in new ways on a daily basis.